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Eight tips on how to easily make your video cinematic

If you are interested in video editing, you must have seen how professional editors create beautiful videos that captivate everyone, right? Video editing is not a simple skill to learn. You have to be very good at it to impress others. Creating unique videos with a video editor takes a lot of time and effort. Video editors have a perfect eye for detail and the ability to make the most of the skills they have learned.

In the case of film editing, they reach a whole new level. So, if you want to create incredible cinematic videos, here are eight essential tips to help you.

1. Focus on the storyboard

Focusing on the storyboard is one of the first things you must do when creating a cinematic video. The proper storyboard will help you get a clear idea of how to shoot and edit it according to the requirements. You require to put your ideas on paper and check whether they work or not.

It will assist you in staying on track and getting the best shot. Even if you make a small error, you can avoid it.

2. Focus on the colors

Colors play a crucial role when trying to create a cinematic experience. You need to focus on color gradation and use a good video editor to make the most of your resources. You need to maintain a good color balance that fits the theme of the video. Any significant error in color balance will significantly impact the entire video. A good color trade will help you lighten up the visuals and make them more attractive.

3. Use a good video producer

Even if you have an excellent idea and have thought about the entire subject, you won’t be able to produce a beautiful video if you don’t have the right tools. For this reason, using a good editor is essential. There are many professional online video producers on the market. You can choose one of the tools and learn how to use the editor inside and out. If you learn to use a good video editor, you will have a significant advantage over others who are not using it yet. Also, don’t try to use all the tools at once. That will never work to your advantage.

4. Use more slow motion

Many people want to see slow-motion shots in specific videos. Many video editors ignore the idea of slow motion. But it can help you create an incredible cinematic experience for the viewer.

Therefore, you cannot impress them by adding slow-motion shots. If you are shooting the video in 60 FPS, you can choose 24 FPS as an ideal option for the slow-motion clip. Mastering the art of creating a slow-motion video is difficult, but you should learn it as an editor.

5. Chalk up the plan

Before you shoot a video, it is essential to plan the entire filming process. Write down all the necessary details you want to have in the particular scene. Think about the angles and how you want to execute them. All the elements should be recorded on paper.

That will help you make quick and confident decisions when shooting the video. Sitting down during the shoot to think about all these things can affect the overall quality.

6. Use a 180-degree shutter release

This point may come as a bit of a surprise to newbies, but it can work wonders when used correctly. To get the most out of this trick, you must first master your shutter speed and angle skills. Some of the top experts in this field have difficulty mastering this skill.

If you set the shuttle angle to 180°, the speed should double the FPS. So if your video is shot at 24 FPS, the speed should be 1/48. That may seem like a small change, but it can add a new depth to the video.

7. Use good quality music

Music adds significantly to the filming experience. Indeed, sound plays an essential role in setting up and executing the shot. You will see editors use music to create the mood of the entire scene. Without music, your videos would be too dull to watch.

So, you can’t go wrong with it. Use the right music that suits your recording. Choosing the right music requires years of experience, and if you can’t decide, you should get help from someone who can.

8. Avoid zooming too much

One of the biggest obstacles to the filming experience is if you zoom in too much. If you watch modern videos, you will notice that camerapersons usually do not zoom in too much on their subjects. Try not to point the camera at a specific subject when shooting a movie.

It creates an awkward angle of view that is difficult to correct. Zoning in on your shots results in many blurs on the screen, which is not a good sign.


Creating cinematic videos is an art form that you need to master before you produce them. It takes time and effort to know the many nuances of this area of shooting and editing. So take the necessary time and effort to get a handle on it over the next few days.

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