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5 Sorts of Video Solutions to Showcase a New Product

When you launch a new product, a video is an engaging way to share the news with the world. But what kind of video you create can significantly affect how potential customers perceive the product – even before they understand it.

Videos about new products come in many shapes and forms. Choosing the right video can lead to widespread positive reception and interest. Check out these five product video solutions and whether they suit your product launch.

1: Product introduction

The foundation of a new product launch is content that discusses to clients the product and why it’s necessary. An item introduction video is short, simple, and to the point. By the end, customers must have a basic understanding of the item and its benefits.

The key to this type of video is fascination – captivating the viewer so that they want to learn more. It often makes sense to brand these videos with your branding so that your company and the product are inextricably linked in the customer’s mind.

2: Product benefits

Your product is designed to simplify or improve certain aspects of your customer’s life, so you must convey that to them. Product benefits videos are far more engaging than a written list of potential benefits, letting the viewer see the item at work.

When producing a product benefits video clip, concentrate on the essentials. Why is your customer’s life better, easier, or more fun because they bought your product? The best videos show solutions to problems people didn’t even know they had.

3: Product story

Developed your product with a vision in mind to help someone or change the world. Share that vision and the reasons that led to the development of your product in a product story. If your company has a compelling mission, show how the new product fits into that mission. Or show how the product is made and lets individuals know why that’s so crucial.

Storytelling is great for appealing to your customers’ feelings. Use fun, humor, fond memories, or despair with the authentic story of your brand name and item.

4: Case studies

Does your item fix a comprehensible problem? You can tell viewers how well it works or show them. Case studies are great for videos because they tell authentic stories about your product in action from genuine customers.

Study videos focus on your brand and the tangible solutions others have found using your products. Seeing the real success of others makes it easier for your customers to trust you.

5: How-Tos

Have a complex product that needs a little more explanation? Build trust and understanding with your customers by creating a how-to video demonstrating some of the product’s essential uses. Even if customers haven’t bought the product yet, they can get a deeper insight into it and make sure that regular people like them can use it.

How to use product presentation videos

There are some imaginative means you can use product showcase video clips. Here are merely a couple of suggestions to obtain you started:

  • Offer a shoppable video where viewers can click on the products they see in it to learn more about them and purchase them. That can be a practical addition to your e-commerce strategy.
  • Broadcast your product launch or the introduction of a new feature live.
  • Create a buzz with a live video of your product launch and broadcast it to your web and social channels.
  • Post a recorded product launch video on your social media sites and networks.
  • Storyboard a pre-recorded product launch video to highlight crucial features and utilize it to enhance your launch message.
  • Showcase your product in action. Tape-record a short, engaging demo of your item that users can easily share on their social channels.
  • Engage your customers with a customer education video that quickly shows them a helpful tip they may not have known about.
  • Share an explainer video that explains how your product works and highlights one or more critical use cases.
  • Create a video that dispels myths. If there is a typical misunderstanding regarding your item or a feature of your item, or even just how your product compares to a competitor, develop a short video clip that resolves misconceptions to clear up the story.

How product presentation videos with Socialize can convert prospects into buyers

Product presentation videos are one of the fastest ways to convert prospects into buyers. At Socialize, we’ve democratized studio-quality video production, enabling everyone from video producers to marketers to quickly produce branded, engaging experiences that inspire, inform and captivate viewers – turning them into buyers and lifelong fans. With Socialite’s all-in-one enterprise video content creation platform, you can:

  • Record HD video and audio content from anywhere – right from your phone, tablet or desktop browser – with Socialive’s remote recording capabilities that ensure the highest quality content possible.
  • Create dynamic as well as appealing product content with cloud-based video clip manufacturing, including preset operations to blend and also match real-time, videotaped, as well as screen-shared video clips with dynamic designs and also branded graphics
  • Manage and collaborate behind the scenes with speakers as well as various other talents through a virtual green room
  • Reach your product’s broadest possible target market by airing it on multiple channels simultaneously.
  • Enhance web content administration with the capability to catch, store, and also retrieve HD video in a secure, centralized, cloud-based recording library – without manual file transfers
  • Host content lives on your website to drive traffic and optimize product marketing.
    Repurpose content for marketing, sales, training programs, and more to extend the life and value of your content.

Reasons why you need product presentation videos

1. Provides a better understanding of the offering or service

97% of marketers say videos give end users a better understanding of their product (HubSpot, The State of Video Marketing 2017). Videos also provide reassurance: 50% of customers say they are less likely to return a product if they see a video demonstration.

2. The power of illustration

You can use multiple shots and sequences in your product presentation so customers can see the product from every angle. You can include mockups, 360° photos, or shots from different angles. This way, you can replicate the in-store experience without the consumer having to go there.

3. Engage your customers emotionally and create empathy

The impact of video lies in the storytelling around the product. Contextualizing the product by linking it to a story can engage your customers emotionally and create empathy.

4. The ubiquitous presentation medium

Mobile usage has been growing exponentially for the past few years. Video is a medium that can view anywhere. According to Wyzowl, 68% of consumers prefer a product presentation video over any other medium (text, infographics, instructions, brochures, images, etc.).

5. Improve the consumer’s understanding of the product

One of the essential advantages of a product presentation video is that it introduces the product under real-life conditions. It explains all or some features to improve the consumer’s understanding of the product.

6. Product videos increase engagement

Your product presentation video allows visitors to add comments. The resulting further engagement around the product allows you to improve your product video or highlight the positive comments.

7. Increase conversion rates

Product presentation videos viewed at the end of the buying process help your potential customers decide. After watching a video, 68% (according to Google) or even 73% (according to ReelSEO) of clients are more probably to acquire a product online. When combined with an order form, a product showcase can increase conversion rates by 57% compared to a page without video.

Despite the type of item video clip you choose, the result should constantly stay accurate to your brand’s voice and message, advising customers what your business means.

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