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Making of Whiteboard video in OneNote

I want to discuss with you how you can record a whiteboard style video using Screencast-o-Matic and a tool like OneNote, I’m on my surface pro, so it’s gonna. Let me write on my screen on one board in this OneNote to kind of create this whiteboard style video for my students. So in order to do that, I’m going to open up Screencast-o-Matic. So I go to let’s go there, “ start recording for free” and then “ launch free recorder”. This takes a second to load in your browser.

And we should get the black and white open screen recorder launcher …. We should get the black and white outline on the screen, which is going to indicate that it’s ready to start recording there we go. So here’s where I switch over to OneNote – and I position this in a way that’s gonna fit that drawing area and that’ll be good for now. Of course I have my whiteboarding, my OneNote tools, so you know you choose whichever color and style you’re gonna be using for your video and then I’m gonna hit record once I’m ready to record. Of course, I have the same Screencast-o-Matic options.

Once I hit record I’ll have 15 minutes, I can see it’s detecting my audio. If I wanted to, I could switch to a webcam or switch back and forth with a webcam and screen by doing both. So I’m gonna hit record and it’ll count me down. So here’s a little example of a whiteboarding video. We are recording with Screencast-o-Matic.

I’m actually recording OneNote so I’m using OneNote Microsoft’s OneNote that’s what’s kind of inside of the dotted line that is my recording area for Screencast-o-Matic and that’s what’s allowing me to do the whiteboarding style writing here that you’re seeing because I have my stylus and my touchscreen, so that’s what you’re seeing there. What I’m gonna do when I’m finished recording this in Screencast-o-Matic is save it as an mp4 file to my local computer. So it’ll be saved on my laptop locally, then I’m going to log in to YouTube and I will upload my video to my YouTube account so that the video will then be in the cloud in YouTube right. That’s where it’ll get captions added and that is where I can in my Canvas course link to it so it won’t live in my Canvas course but I will link to that seem YouTube link in my Canvas course so that’s kind of a general overview of what’s going to happen with this video once I hit pause to stop recording.

By the way I could move to another page and do page two that would be how I OneNote lets me do other pages right and then go back to page one, so it would let me have more recording space there if I had needed it.

So I go ahead and I hit that pause button, it was about two and a half minutes of recording there I’m done I’m gonna hit done, and in Screencast-o-Matic I’m gonna hit save and upload. So like I said in this one similar to the last one I always met immediately look and make sure I got audio which I did. This one I’m going to save as a video file instead of going directly to YouTube just so you can see that process as well. So that’s this step two of our process here so we’re gonna do mp4 recording, there’ll to OneNote whiteboard, and save to desktop. So I’m gonna let that publish. It’s just saving a local mp4 file on my desktop computer. So as you can see that video has finished publishing, it now is data on the desktop of this computer. I can hit done. Now I need to upload that data to YouTube, so the next step is to log in to your YouTube channel. You’ll find the create button ‘plus’ button with the video icon to allow you to upload a video.

Do that and then go out and select that mp4 file so one-note whiteboard there it is. It’s about four MBs and I’m gonna open that, and now I can give it a title that makes more sense: Demo of whiteboard video in OneNote and this is recorded with Screencast-o-Matic, and it’s gonna ask me if this is recorded for children, no it’s not made for kids go to next, and I don’t need to do anything, I’m gonna say next here’s where you decide if it’s public and visible to everybody on your channel or is it unlisted and you’ll just share the link to the students in your class. That’s your option there I’m keeping mine public. Then I hit publish and let’s do close.

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