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Why you need an animated logo for your business

Your brand’s logo is the unique icon of your company. It ensures that customers recognize your brand and are always the company’s ” face. ” Marketing ideas and strategies are constantly being adapted to meet the needs of changing technology and consumer behavior. Similarly, logos need to be revolutionized with simple animated logos.

Video content is better understood and quickly noticed by viewers. As most companies have realized the power of video content, they are opting for animated logos instead of static logos. The significance of using intros and animated logos on websites increased as they are accessible to many users.

Now let’s go through some aspects of professional logo design for such videos that describe how important they are from a company’s branding and marketing perspective.

1. Animated logo design attracts the attention of the audience

Nowadays, businesses benefit from the wide acceptance of their online content by their audience, but they struggle to get the attention of potential customers. Modern audiences are much more inclined to watch an exciting video than read the same traditional texts to be understood faster. That already gives you a big head start in the race. Making use of animated logos in video content makes it even more eye-catching. If a video is doing well, spicing it up with an animated version of the logo wonders.

2. Animated logos are part of video storytelling

A video tries to build a bond with its audience through a good narrative. A viewer would sometimes get emotionally involved with the video if they connected with the video message. This connection can be broken if a static logo is shown, which would interrupt the flow of the story and narrative. An eye-catching animated logo connects the dots with the flow of the video and keeps the audience engaged.

3. Animated logos increase brand awareness

Why do we use logos? Indeed, to create and promote brand awareness. An animated logo brings the much-needed life to your logo that would vibrantly represent your brand. Compared to static logos, animated logos remain longer in the audience’s minds, making it easier to identify them later. For example, when we turn on our cell phone, the manufacturer’s logo gets animated. That is an essential part of the branding process and, let’s not forget, extremely effective!

What should be considered when creating an excellent animated logo for businesses?

  • The animation flow should be different for different sectors. First, understand the type of organization for which the animated logo is designed, and then choose the one that best fits the profile.
  • Logo animation is not a highly complex process. Focus on making the viewer want to see more and show each element separately and clearly.
  • There is no particular design rule for logo animation. Just make sure that the brand’s theme and colors are well represented.
  • A logo animation doesn’t have to be very long. A period of 6-10 seconds is sufficient.
    Complement the logo animation with good background music.

Eight fantastic ways to use logo animation

Animated logos are fun and can help you stand out in a crowded market. But where and how should you utilize your logo animation to get the most attention?

Here are some ideas

1. Introduction to brand videos

Video marketing is extensive and on the rise. And it’s becoming more and more popular. According to a State of Video Marketing survey, 99% of marketers are using video, with 96% saying they plan to increase or maintain their video marketing spend in the coming years.

However, this increase in video advertising also brings with it an increase in competition. Starting your video clips with an animated logo can make you look more professional while sending a clear ownership message once people press play.

2. Outro for branded videos

Animated logos function just as well for outros as they do for intros. Including your animated logo at the beginning and end of your branded videos is a great way to emphasize your message and remind viewers who you are.

When viewers finish watching your video, you usually want them to take the next step in your funnel, whether contacting you for a product demo, downloading your app, or something else!

By finishing your videos with your logo, you can cement your brand in their mind and hopefully encourage them to take that following critical action.

3. Attract attention at trade shows

Trade shows are an excellent method to meet potential customers and increase brand awareness. However, these events are fast-paced, and a lot is going on, so attendees may not remember everyone who attended.

The remembered exhibits are the ones that offer something special – such as a screen with an animated logo!

According to a study of trade show exhibitors, 48% believe that an eye-catching booth is the most effective way to attract visitors – even more effective than giveaways (34%).

4. Email signatures

Email remains among the most commonly used communication methods, especially in B2-B companies. But most email signatures contain the same (rather boring!) information: Name, job title, static logo, maybe a short saying.

They’ve ended up being so formulaic that it’s straightforward to ignore them completely. An animated logo would spice up any email signature and make recipients take a review.

5. Presentations

Similar to trade shows, presentations permit you to showcase your brand in real-time and benefit from their undivided attention. That is the perfect place to show off your animated logo, and it could make your presentation even more memorable.

6. Social media

Social media is increasing more and more of a visual platform. According to Venngage, 49% of marketers rank visual marketing as “essential” to their marketing technique.

But when it comes to visual web content, video trumps everything else. Motion gets people’s attention, and with social media sites becoming more crowded by the week, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd – an animated logo can help you do just that!

7. Website homepage

If you use your animated logo in many different places, it also needs to appear on your website.

An animated logo on your homepage can amaze and delight your website visitors. However, keep in mind that your animation should loop only once. The constant movement could be distracting and potentially annoying to visitors.

8. Digital advertising banners

You may have heard of “banner blindness” – by this is meant that customers ignore advertising banners because they are exposed to so many. A practical method to combat this is to give your banner ads movement.

The solution: Your animated logo.

Animated logos can enhance your digital ad banners, attract more attention, and increase your clickthrough rate.

Advantages of creating an animated logo

Thanks to animation, you can reaffirm your originality and boost your audience’s positive perception of your brand by taking your visual identity to a new level. The sky is the limit when it comes to motion graphics.

Here are some of the benefits that animation brings to a brand

Highlight your brand personality

117,774 Brand Personality Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock

Using an animated logo to reinforce your brand personality can connect with your audience to convey the attitude you want to convey.

Aim to appeal to the values of your target market and showcase your brand’s intelligent, humorous or passionate personality to make a memorable impression.

Underscore your brand story

24,831 Brand Story Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Storytelling is key to your brand’s success. A strong narrative cuts through the noise of marketing and speaks to your audience on an emotional level.

Animations offer a more detailed explanation of the nature of your business than a static logo could. It can help convey your brand’s value and mission, much like a short video.

Increase brand awareness

Brand awareness Vectors & Illustrations for Free Download | Freepik

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an animation is worth a million.

Visual content attracts more visitors and is more likely to be remembered than a still image. Some animations can be as long as 10 seconds, which increases the chance of remembering them compared to a glance at a standard logo.

When you show an animation in a campaign, your audience will be more attentive and more likely to remember your brand’s message.

Ensure a professional image

When we contact a brand, we immediately pay attention to the quality of its presentation, especially its logo’s design.

Clients may not be marketing experts, but they know the latest trends. Brands that invest in an animated logo convey a credible image and an innovative mindset.

5 Tips for a Great Logo Intro Animation

The first three seconds of a video are crucial. In this brief period, the viewer’s brain decides whether to keep watching or move on to something more interesting. Just as I’m now trying to grab your attention with this first paragraph, your video intro should fight to do the same.

Here I’ll give you the five tips that I think are most important when creating a logo animation to start your product video. If you follow these steps, you should create an opening sequence with the punch you need to keep viewers engaged.

If you want to make the best logo animation video just click here: Our online logo animation videos will automatically produce professional-looking animation videos that will make your business look polished, modern, and professional within no time.

1. Watch and learn

It’s always a good idea to watch as many logo animation intros as possible. You’ll learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t by watching others, and you’ll also discover a whole host of valuable resources you may not have known about before.

2. Present and identify

Your brand animation can “act” a certain way and emphasize the feelings you want your company to be identified with. Think about what your company stands for and how you can represent that in the logo animation. Is it professional, creative, or fun?

3. Build up

Make the viewer curious and want to know more. Remember that we are talking about a few seconds, and every image counts.

It’s a good idea not to show the whole logo at once. You can make the parts appear one by one or show a minor detail and then reveal the logo piece by piece.

4. Add dynamism

Make your logo animation dynamic to attract and (once again) keep the viewer’s attention. Show off your brand and entertain somehow; it’s essential to keep the viewer’s eyes and brain moving and leave a positive impression. You want the viewer to think, “I can’t afford to miss what happens next.”

It’s always a good idea to animate each letter, character, or logo symbol separately. You can upload the letters individually in the video to give them independent movement.

5. Keep it short

Try not to make your intro animation longer than 10 seconds. In the Internet age and constant media consumption, attention spans rapidly decrease, so the shorter your video, the better.

“Bonus Tip: Most intros end with the logo against a black or dark background. While this isn’t a requirement, it stands out better and aligns with the industry – highlighting your company’s professionalism.

What kind of logo computer animation software should you use?

As a newbie, you have a lot of ideas in your head.” Which software application is best for me?” “Should I buy a paid software or start with one of these free logo animation programs? It goes on like this or something similar.

There are several software programs offered on the Internet that can use to stimulate logo designs. Some of these programs are free to use, while others require a fee.

The free software application provides you with some basic features to let your creativity run wild. On the other hand, the paid programs offer endless customization options and access to an extensive library of unique results.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a logo with Animatic for different versions of Windows in a few easy and user-friendly steps. How


Filmora Video Clip Editor makes computer animation of logos easy with handy features.

  • Support for 3D logo animation with soft keyframes.
  • Export openness
  • Built-in logo computer animation layouts Free trial version.
  • Outstanding logo computer animation with FilmoraPro

If you want to edit animated videos on your computer, we recommend FilmoraPro. It allows you to create logo design computer animations with keyframes easily. FilmoraPro helps you create high-quality and smooth animated logo designs. Motion blur adds an extra touch to your logo animations. 

Remember, the built-in logo design themes will save you time.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is another logo animator whose primary function complements logo designs and videos. It has an extensive and fantastic collection of fonts that can edit quickly. Whether you want to introduce a logo or a video title, Adobe brings creativity to your material.

Have fun with shading, symbols, text, and font styles and create the best logo design. The application can download any photo from Adobe Cloud or the web and update it accordingly. Also, you can classify your templates with the help of tags.

If you want to create logo animation videos, then you’ve come to the right place. We have several ways you can go about creating your logo animation videos. See the different options here. Video Software Club

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