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The secret to an outstanding product showcase video

A robust product showcase video attracts the attention of consumers.

It introduces the product or service and informs about its features and functions. In addition, inspiring product videos subconsciously encourage viewers to open their wallets.

Over the years, we have seen quite some product videos on various social media platforms. Some go viral and bring in millions in sales, but most videos are duds that get lost in the shuffle.

If you want to develop the best product showcase videos but don’t know how or where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started.

What’s the point of a product showcase video?

The old habit of examining a product in a retail store before buying it has become part of our instinct. Consumers want to see and, if possible, touch and feel the product before making a purchase decision. Today, this has become impossible for both online and offline shoppers.

Consumers experience vicariously by watching and listening to others handle and examine a product. In addition, product videography removes doubts and uncertainties that consumers have about the product.

With a product video, you have the opportunity to control the narrative and expectations of customers. Clients get more information from a video than a still photo or even an actual physical examination of the item. Videos also show features and functions in action. Undoubtedly, consumers better understand a product when they see it in a high-definition close-up and from all possible angles.

The persuasive power of photos and text content pales compared to product videos. Plus, 72% of customers prefer to watch a video to understand a product or service.

Bring life and context to your product offering

Product videos add life and context to the item shown in the video. Sometimes, when consumers have the product in hand, they don’t even know how it can benefit them. But a well-done product video can transform an item into a product that becomes a vital part of the customer’s life.

The vision of a pair of expensive running shoes is changed by the pleasant experience of jogging early in the morning with a friend or partner. Instead of a sewing machine, an outstanding product video will trigger the thought of beautiful clothes you can sew for your children with the machine. Customers can see what the product is and what it can be.

Allows you to show your products in real-time

Real-time product videos allow consumers to see the options available in the store before deciding.

Here’s how real-time “virtual” shopping works: A person searches online for a smartphone. The consumer enters a phone number or talks to the merchant via VoIP. On an e-commerce website, the clients find a suitable product. On the portal, they find the option to speak to the retailer.

Via a live streaming option on the website, the consumer sees the product range in the retail store. A salesperson on the merchant’s site guides the customer and shows them the different products and options available. A real-time product video allows customers to see the natural product before buying.

Helps you reach your target market 

Most products are created by middle-aged people, even if the target audience is teenagers. The most effective product videos bridge this gap and help you reach your target audience.

Experienced video marketers create videos that speak the language of your potential customers. Well-crafted video content with the right script, language and tone help the target audience identify with the product in the video. Experts know what words should and should not be used in the video.

Shows how the product is used

The vast majority of consumers are still unsure about buying online. There are always doubts about whether an item will meet their expectations. There is always some uncertainty regarding the quality and performance of the product.

Excellent video content helps understand the item and shows the viewer how the item works. Product videos help demonstrate how the item works. It encourages the customer to realize the value of the product.

Clients can’t touch or feel the product, but they can see it from the inside. All the essential features, functions, and benefits are displayed. That gives the consumer the knowledge and confidence to overcome uncertainty and make a purchase decision.

How to create your product videos

The mistake you can make is to start filming without a plan. Here, we won’t break the bank with this video. We won’t go into the intricacies of location, background, color, font, sound, etc. But you need to have at least a basic idea of the final product before you even start creating the product video. If you’re a beginner and want to know how to make a product video, here are the essential ingredients for a good product video.

1. Introduce your firm and the product

If the product video gets on a social media platform, the consumer likely came across it accidentally. Make the most effective impression by introducing your company and the product.

How do you give a top-notch introduction? Address your target audience’s most common problems. Make them feel like you understand the problem and have a solution. Present your company and product as the answer to their needs or the solution to their problem.

2. show the features of your product and who it benefits from

Videos that only reveal the product are no better than still images and text content. People seeing the product for the first time don’t understand the features, functions, and benefits they might get from the item. A video that doesn’t detail the features won’t inspire the viewer to become a customer.

Show the product and its features, and don’t hesitate to say who it will be of use to. Sometimes viewers are confused about whether they need the product or not. Explain who will benefit and how the product will benefit the viewer to remove all doubts and confusion.

3. Provide contexts, such as the base price and the cost of additional features

The most effective product videos don’t just reveal the product and its functions. They go a step further and describe how the product fits into the customer’s life. The video must answer questions like, “How does the product increase the customer’s satisfaction?” “How does the product improve the buyer’s life?”.

In a customer’s eyes, a product video that shows the product, its features, and benefits are incomplete if it doesn’t include the price. Remember, your first objective is to get the customer to watch the entire video. You will fail if the viewer looks elsewhere for the product’s price.

Give the potential customer “all” the information they need to decide, including the cost of additional features. There is an excellent chance of losing a client forever if they find hidden costs and the cost of additional features were not disclosed before the purchase decision.

4. End the video with a call to action

The point of a product video is to create awareness and drive sales. Ideally, this goal can only be achieved if there is a clear call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the video. Consumers who watch the video up to the CTA stage show a clear interest in the product. Use “intent” to lead the consumer to the next purchase decision stage.

You can have the actor or narrator say what is expected of the viewer, but the old-fashioned method of inserting CTA text on the screen is still the best. Add a simple and easy-to-understand call to action that tells the consumer what to do next.

5. Direct customers to your product or website home page

In addition to the CTA text, give potential customers the information they need to follow up. The details you add here will depend on your objective for the product video. Suppose the video gets on a social media platform, then the viewer may need more persuasion and less distraction. So, redirect the customer to your website or product page, where you can control the elements like the customer’s experience and the content they see.

Reasons why you need product presentation videos

1. Provides a better understanding of the offer or service

97% of marketers say videos give end users a better understanding of their product (HubSpot, The State of Video Marketing 2017). Videos also provide reassurance: 50% of customers say they are less likely to return a product if they see a video demonstration of the product.

2. The power of illustration

You can use multiple shots and sequences in your product presentation to help customers see the product from every angle. You can include mockups, 360° photos, or shots from different angles. You can recreate the in-store experience without the consumer going there.

3. Engage your clients emotionally and create empathy

The impact of video lies in the storytelling around the product. Contextualizing the product by linking it to a story can engage your customers emotionally and create empathy.

4. The ubiquitous presentation medium

Mobile usage has been growing exponentially for the past few years. Video is a medium that can view anywhere. According to Wyzowl, 68% of customers prefer a product presentation video over any medium (text, infographics, instructions, brochures, images, etc.).

5. Improve the client’s understanding of the product

Among the most significant benefits of a product presentation video is that it can introduce the product under real-life conditions. It explains all or part of the functions to improve the consumer’s understanding of the product.

6. Product videos increase engagement

Your product presentation video allows visitors to add comments. The other engagement this creates around the product allows you to improve your product video or highlight the positive comments.

7. Increase the conversion rate

Product presentation videos viewed at the end of the buying process will help your potential customers in their decision-making process. After watching a video, 68% (according to Google) or even 73% of clients are more probably to buy a product online. A product showcase can increase conversion rates by 57% compared to a page without video when displayed along with an order form.

Benefits of using product showcase videos for your business  

Videos are one of the most underrated sales tools in eCommerce. You can show your customers the benefits and advantages of a product right when a potential purchase with product videos. If the customer is hesitant to buy something or doesn’t understand the value of your product, your video acts like a salesperson in the store helping the customer make a purchase. Let’s look at why you ought to get behind the camera lens as soon as possible.

1. Increase conversion and sales

The proof is in the product. Zappos found sales increased 6% to 30% when offered products with video demos. Housewares tested videos on their product pages and found that customers were 144% more likely to include something to their cart when they watched a product video. It should be reason enough to start a Google search for “best amateur video cameras,” but read on if you still need convincing.

2. Improve your search rankings

YouTube has over 3 billion searches monthly and continues to be the second-largest search engine. Videos with rich content improve search engine optimization because they show that your site contains information relevant to search queries. Videos can also generate additional backlinks to your site, and views and shares increase the value of your content. You can easily set up a YouTube channel and start marketing your e-commerce business in no time. Adding videos creates another channel through which you can find your products.

3. Increase clicks and likes

Speaking of sharing: Video content is very shareable on social media and even via email. Including a video in your marketing emails can increase click-through rates by more than 200%. The more videos shared will drive more clicks and visitors to your eCommerce website. The more engaging, the better, and videos are usually more engaging than still photos or text.

4. Improve engagement and build trust

People intend to touch products before they buy them. If you can’t get to the store to hold the product in person, it’s best to let someone else watch you do it. Videos allow you to give your clients a direct and quick impression of product quality and use, rather than forcing them to read product descriptions. Pictures are also a great tool, but they’re almost mandatory these days, and they don’t show the benefits as clearly as videos do.

5. It’s a virtual demo

In-store demonstrations are a great way to interact with customers and introduce your product to a large audience. Nearly 75% of consumers were more likely to buy a product if they could see a video explaining how to use it. Since you can’t be everywhere at once, the next best thing is a virtual demo that comes right to the desks and couches of potential new customers. 

6. Videos are quick and easy to digest

A page-long, stifling text that no one reads can instead be turned into a brief video that many others will watch. Customers receive information that is easy to understand, remember, and even forward. Many consumers would rather watch a product video than read about it.

7. Eliminate consumer doubt

Many people donate money to Kickstarter campaigns without ever knowing if they will receive the product. And why? Because the video was compelling enough to turn them into backers. Their reservations were dispelled because they could see the product’s story and the company. Imagine the support you can build for a company that already works and a product you can deliver!

8. Video content is rising with mobile users and younger generations

Millennials, Gen Z, and even Gen Alpha are the present and future of buying power. From Snapchat to Instagram Stories, these generations fully embrace digital marketing and video content. YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any cable channel in the United States and has over one billion users. Don’t miss the boat.

9. Discounted returns are a bonus

With so many clear benefits to adding video content to your website, this is a no-brainer. When clients see the product in action before buying it, they are less likely to be dissatisfied or return it. Product videos increase conversion rates and can reduce returns by 25%. Remember to be aware of cameras, pay attention to lighting, and keep the video concise.

A product introduction video visually explains and shows the tangible benefits of a product. Many product videos highlight a product’s unique features, but a good product video excels at showing how it solves problems. Please head over to and check out the many video styles we have!

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